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One of the most important advantages of X.J. is huge produciton capacity which ensure timely delivery for clients. With modernized equipement and good mangement, our product capacity is ranked top 3 among competitors.


Take plastic injection for example: for one shift, we could produce 3,000PCs 0.9L capacity plastic housing, 4,000 PCs handles, 3000PCs lids. That’s why we can deliver within 25 days for first order and less than 25 days for repeat orders.


Regarding mould tooling, owning a sufficient machinery and manpower, we can finish a mould within 30 days, which ranks one of the best among suppliers. We even opened 4 full set mouldings within 30 days for an ODM promotion order in 2009.


As to the daily output, take deep fryer for example, normally it is around 4,000 units per day and 120,000 units per month base don 1 production line. Based on total 30 production lines, X.J. could supply 3,000,000 units per day easily.


With 21 years’ development, X.J. has exported large quantity of products annually and has become one of largest manufacturers for electrical appliances in China. For example, for electric deep fryer, we sold around 2.2 million units annually; for steam cooker, around 1.5 million units annually. The total annually quantity for electric appliances is more than 5 million units annually.