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Roval for A Post Scale


In late 2009, we started an OEM project with ROVAL for a postal scale with detachable wireless remote. It’s the first time for X.J. to develop such a category.


Here we’d like to share with you the progress of this project.


This wireless post scale project was supposed to be given to another manufacturer. They could not fulfill the task on time for the difficulty of the high technique. On December 23rd, 2009, ROVAL transferred their first order to X.J. with a quantity of 4600 pcs by 3 shipments. In order to meet the deadline, X.J. opened 4 sets of moulds within 30 days, which normally takes at least 45 days for each mould opening.


We spent one week on mould test & amendment and another week for production preparation. On February 9th, 2010, we started the production.  With a daily output of 550 pcs each production line, we succeeded in delivering 1800 pcs products on February 12th, and delivered all the cargos on February 26th. Without big scale production capacity and good management, any supplier could not fulfill such order especially during Chinese New Year period. (February 13th – 23rd is the Chinese traditional Spring Festival in 2010)


For the good market performance of the product, ROVAL placed another order of 24482 pcs in 2010.


The highlight of this wireless post scale is that it can read the weight accurately within 150 feet with a graduation of 0.1lb/.05kg.