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With 21 years’ development, now we have 3 professional factories, 30 modernized production lines including plastic injection, mould tooling, hardware production, heating element production, spray & painting and final assembling.


There are 150 Injection Machines with various specifications from 280 tons to 530 tons. Regarding hardware production, for punching machinery, we have 80 sets from 8 tons to 150 tons; For hydraulic press, we have 20 sets from 65 tons to 350 tons; for drill machine, we have 7 sets. As to moldings, we have 11pcs linear cutting machines and 4 CNC machines. 


Facilities for RoHS scanning, Hi-pot test, life test, function test are equipped in necessary procedures. On the assembly line, there are equipments for on-line hi-pot testing, earthing testing, power testing; in QC lab, there are swing testing facilities, Fluke temperature testers, Hi-pot tester, earthing & power tester, switch fatigue tester, drop test equipment, etc. 


With these modernized facilities and equipments plus strict QC procedure, we have the ability for both large-scale production and strict QC control.


Modernized production line 


We have 30 modernized new production lines running day and night. These production lines are equipped with wide LCD display and sufficient assistant equipments. By using these LCD monitors, each worker would be guided by clear workmanship & production instructions on the player rather than a paper instruction sheet. Each line is controlled by computer and the files on display can be changed conveniently. 


Moreover, all production workshops are equipped with air-conditions, which is quite important in southern cities in China. Such unique & modern facilities ensure X.J. performs clients’ orders with excellent quality level and timely delivery.






Subsidiary Production Line


We have also established assistant production lines such as PCB assembly, power cord assembly, welding, painting & spray and other accessories’ production lines to ensure the smooth operation of the final assembly without much worry about the delay of the delivery date.





With complete production facilities, we can produce more than 80% of the componnets with a complete unit such as plastic housing, S/S housing, lid, handle, button, etc. Take a stainless steel deep fryer for example, the S/S housing, bottom cover, heating unit, frying basket, tank and some other accessories can all produced by ourselves. We only need purchase electronic components, packing materials, cable & power cord from other suppliers.


As to moulding, injection, hardware, heating element production, we are able to fininshi them all by ourselves as well so that the delivery date is always under control precisely. With the completely owned production lines and strict control over the process, X.J. could assure the clients with the timely delivery.