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What we have done generally? 


1. Our factory has built up ROHS & environment protection program, including X.J.’s internal control system and the Green Supplier Management system for environment protection.


2. We follow ROHS & environment protection for all of products.


3. We keep updating ROHS & environment protection standard frequently.


4. We organize information transmit and training.


5. We ensure transfer exact requirements to suppliers and monitor all production processes.


6. Our QC team including IQC, IPQC, OQC, QA and QE perform their daily duty strictly and ensure effective control.


7. QC team tracks and solves problems in accordance with guidelines.


8. Keep record for all the documents of ROHS & environment protection. Keep test results for every batch.


How to select a ROHS qualified supplier?


In our factory, to select a ROHS supplier is an important step, and we have a strict system to follow. The main content should be separated into two parts: one is Documents audit and the other is on-site audit.


1. Audit supplier regarding material approval, the test report for injurant, the control for incoming material, and the processing of production.


2. Check if the suppliers have built up a complete ROHS control system and if they can provide latest ROHS approval for their material.


3. Check if the QC and QA monitor & control ROHS products efficiently.


4. Check if the ROHS facilities are effective and meet the requirements ROHS standard.


5. Check if the supplier has setup and record ROHS inspect system for purchasing, warehouse, material check, production process and shipment.


6. X.J. monitors all materials supplied by suppliers by using X.J. ROHS testing equipments & testing standards.


7. Only suppliers whom are give green light can become X.J.’s suppliers.


Environment Control of our factory:


Our factory also focus on the environment control. We keep monitoring and control sewage, exhaust emission and noise pollution. We have become certified member for draining water and gas into the city draining system. Meanwhile, we also call on low carbon & green lives for all workers. We encourage garbage classification and reduce use of disposable dishware.